„A legmagasabb kitüntetés
mások szolgálata.”

Max Brooks

History and structure

Prior to the 1st of September 2013, in Fejér county, nine institutions participated in the maintenance of the Klebelsberg Institutional Maintenance Center in the providings of pedagogical assistance services. The institutions were located in the county center, in district centers, and an institution operated in a settlement next to the district center (Velence). Seven school districts of Fejér county had an institution or a member institution providing pedagogical assistance services. There were no pedagogical assistance service institutions in the school districts of Martonvásár and Polgárdi. The educational institutions solved the situation by employing a teacher who provided assistance service too, on the other hand they used the assistance service of other school districts. In the school district of Martonvásár, the institutions of Székesfehérvár and Gárdony, in the school district of Polgárdi, besides the institutions of Székesfehérvár, the member institution of Enying took part in the pedagogical assistance services. The characteristic of all school districts was that in some of their settlements other school districts provided assistance services, as well. The assistance service institutions of the school districts of Bicske, Enying, Gárdony, Mór and Székesfehérvár took part in helping other school districts. Various forms of assistance service institutional organizations were observed in the county institutions.

There were two unified pedagogical assistance services, an educational counselling centre, a speech correction institute as well as a multi-purpose institution operating independently. In addition to the services of the expert committee and the further study and career counselling, this multi-purpose institution also had a unified pedagogical assistance service institutional unit and five member institutions. The pedagogical assistance services functioned as a unit of a multi-purpose institution in four institutions, two of which were EGYMI (APEMI – adapted physical and conductive education methodological institution) and the remaining two had been operating as primary and/or other schools also. In most of these institutions, services were provided locally as well as in the member institutions with the involvement of mobile network of special needs teachers. Services of two institutions were exclusively provided by mobile network of special needs teachers. Considering the number of services provided, there were remarkable differences among the districts from which the district of Székesfehérvár had an outstanding role. The main objective of the reorganization was to establish a unified institution that can provide a full coverage of all related pedagogical services and is characterized by a transparent profile. In 2013 Decree No 15/2013 (II. 26.) EMMI on Pedagogical Assistance Service Institutions was passed into law. It defines the structure of the organization in Fejér county in the following way: one pedagogical assistance service institution was established including a head institution and eight member institutions. These are the Member Institutions in Bicske, Dunaújváros, Enying, Gárdony, Martonvásár, Mór, Sárbogárd and Székesfehérvár.