„A legmagasabb kitüntetés
mások szolgálata.”

Max Brooks

Director-general’s welcome

Welcome to the website of the Pedagogical Assistance Services of Fejér County. We intend to provide a wide range of information and services to those interested. Despite the fact that some of our services date back many decades, our institution is quite young: in this organizational form it opened its doors in 2013. In accordance with the intention of the legislature, pedagogical assistance service institutions were established at the county level, nationwide, in the same year. Predecessor units that had been operating in different organizational forms and quality under different maintainers formed the basis of the new institutions.

The Pedagogical Assistance Services of Fejér County operates eight district member institutions that are located in all districts. The seat institution is where the professional management and coordination of the services is carried out. It is also where the pedagogical assistance services are organised: the county expert committee and the further study and career counselling at county level. This kind of county organization allows all children and students to reach our assistance services close to where they live. For the children and pupils, this means that they can receive additional educational services close to their place of residence, regardless of the type of pedagogical assistance service they need. The process of diagnosis, therapy, counselling or coordination in the pedagogical assistance service institution is not carried out individually and independently, but by a team of professionals working in close and constant contact with each other.

Our professional community is committed to humanistic educational values and quality professional service. We consider our activity to be a service that we practice in a creative, motivating, empathetic atmosphere in accordance with social and partner needs, where all our clients, children, parents, educators or other professionals, receive the pedagogical support they need.

On this website we present our professional work, our values and traditions which we are proud of. In addition, on our website we will keep you informed of current events. Please, if you are interested in our pedagogical assistance services, do not just visit us on the internet. Let’s meet at the institution!