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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Who do the pedagogical services deal with?

The pedagogical assistance services deal with clients from the age of 0 until adulthood. Our services are offered to preschool children, and those who are enrolled in educational institutes, and their families. In particular cases, our diagnostic services are also available for adults.

What is the purpose of the system of pedagogical assistance services?

Pedagogical assistance services support both parents’ and teachers’ nurturing work with children and also facilitate performing tasks of educational institutes. The aim of pedagogical assistance services is that, altogether with the district member institutions, to provide professional help to all families and children from any socio-economic statuses, hence any duties of the pedagogical assistance services are becoming reachable to locals.

How do the employees of pedagogical assistance services help those who are in need?

To get an appointment, you have to apply to the district member institutions or the head institution and send insufficient documents. Depending on which services you request, after your application is processed, colleagues from the pedagogical assistance services will reach you and inform you about the date of the examination or consultation. The process of the pedagogical assistance service depends on the type of service that was requested. For instance, in the case of the diagnostic examination, professionals with different qualifications work in a team, and the examination is performed on a single occasion in one of the member- or head institutions of pedagogical assistance services. In the case of speech therapy or adapted physical education, professionals can work with only one child, or with a group of children, which can take place in the educational institutes as well as in one of the institutes of the pedagogical assistance services.

How do pedagogical assistance services work?

The pedagogical assistance services operate continuously throughout the year, the opening hours of the district member institutions and the head institution are available on the official website. The district member institutions cover the tasks of the pedagogical assistance services, the head institution supplies care to the whole county.

What kind of tasks do pedagogical assistance services provide?

The pedagogical assistance services perform the following tasks set out in the Act of National Public Education:

Special educational consulting, early development and care (early intervention and prevention, early childhood education and care); Expert activity (expert committee); Educational counselling; Speech therapy; Further study and career counselling; Conductive educational service; Adapted physical education; School and pre-school psychology service; and Promotion of particularly talented children/pupils.

Among them, the county expert committee and the further study and career counselling services are available in the head institution. The special educational consulting, early development and care, the district expert committee, the educational counselling, the speech therapy, the conductive educational service, the adapted physical education, the school and pre-school psychology service and the promotion of particularly talented children/pupils are available in district member institutions.

How does the institution provide adequate care?

The specialists of the pedagogical assistance services are required to meet strict professional qualification standards. They have to take a professional educational exam, which means the specialists of the pedagogical assistance services need to attend further Graduate Schools/Courses after their degree. Our employees are constantly learning, training, develop themselves. Our institution supports its colleagues to deepen their professional knowledge by providing financial resources as far as possible. Within the framework of the EFOP 3.1.6. tender, there were opportunities to participate in many courses and trainings.

How was the institute established?

Before the 1st of September 2013, the pedagogical assistance services were provided in parallel in different types of institutions in Fejér county. On the 1st of September, 2013, the services known today were funded at the county seats and in Budapest. The district member institutions are providing services for children of the county near their home. The head institution performs its professional tasks throughout the county.

Who is the sustainer of this particular pedagogical assistance service?

The Educational District Center of Székesfehérvár.

Which legislation regulates the operation of the pedagogical assistance services?

The pedagogical assistance services’ operations are regulated by Decree No 15/2013 (II. 26.) EMMI on Pedagogical Assistance Service Institutions.

What protocol is used by the specialists to perform the tasks?

The task performance protocol varies from task to task. We have developed standardized guidelines for the professional tasks we perform, a total of nine. In these guidelines, we present the given professional services in detail, the personal conditions, target groups, process model, and documentation system of the performance of the professional services. These specialized guidelines are reviewed annually and applied uniformly in our member institutions during care.

Which other institutions do the pedagogical assistance services work with?

Our partners are the educational-nurturing institutes, the national expert committees, social and child protection services, guardianship authorities, the educational district centers, government offices, and the healthcare system.