„A legmagasabb kitüntetés
mások szolgálata.”

Max Brooks

Our units

Member Institution of Bicske

In Bicske we have a history of helping children, parents, and teachers. Since 2013, we have become a branch of the Pedagogical Assistance Services of Fejér County. Our new, complex structure provides us to help children in the most effective ways, who are suffering from any physical, mental disabilities or having difficulties in behavior, learning, or integration or children who need speech therapy or are specially gifted. We provide services for children from the following places: Alcsútdoboz, Bicske, Bodmér, Csabdi, Csákvár, Etyek, Felcsút, Gánt, Mány, Óbarok, Szár, Tabajd, Újbarok, Vértesacsa, Vértesboglár.

Member Institution of Dunaújváros

We have been working in Dunaújváros as an Educational Counselling Centre since 1985. In our first 10 years, we have been helping 6686 children and the number of professional helpers rose from 2 to 5. Speech therapy has a 40 years history in the region, from 1995 it became an independent Speech Correction Institute and has shown significant development in therapies: computer-based therapy, movement therapy, Ayres, and other foundation therapies were used. In 2013 we have founded our institute under a new name based on these two strong roots: speech therapy and counseling. Our professional development is based on specialization and we also would like to broaden our cooperation. We provide services for children from the following places: Adony, Baracs, Beloiannisz, Besnyő, Daruszentmiklós, Dunaújváros, Előszállás, Iváncsa, Kisapostag, Kulcs, Mezőfalva, Nagykarácsony, Nagyvenyim, Perkáta, Pusztaszabolcs, Rácalmás.

Member Institution of Enying

Our Educational Counselling Centre was founded in 2004 in the former building of Liget Special Education School. In September 2013 we started the new school year in our new building (Ady Endre street 2.) in a new reorganized form. Our psychologists’ and special needs teachers’ special tasks are to diagnose and help children with behavioral, learning or integration difficulties. We are officially „A Family Friendly Service Place”, which is a governmental acknowledgment. We are easily accessible for the handicapped, we offer mother-baby friendly services, and a wide range of family programs. We offer diagnostic services, therapy and counselling from birth till children finish their schoolyears, for families from the following places: Enying, Dég, Lajoskomárom, Mezőkomárom, Szabadhídvég, Lepsény, Mezőszentgyörgy, Kisláng, Mátyásdomb.

Member Institution of Gárdony

Our institute offers help for children and their parents and teachers from 12 settlements (Gárdony, Gárdony-Agárd, Gárdony-Dinnyés, Kápolnásnyék, Nadap, Pákozd, Pázmánd, Sukoró, Szabadegyháza, Velence, Vereb, Zichyújfalu). We are honored for the second time being the Basis Institute of Educational Bureau. Our best practices include early speech therapy (for 3 years olds), summer camps, clubs for parents, memory championships. We welcome those, who are interested in our methods, and pedagogical practices.

Member Institution of Martonvásár

We have already been working for five years in the region – Baracska, Ercsi, Gyúró, Kajászó, Martonvásár, Ráckeresztúr, Tordas, Vál – offering help for children, families and teachers. Our team has increased more than double recently with young, devoted, and highly trained professionals: speech therapists, special needs teachers, conductors, adapted physical education teachers, psychologists. We strongly cooperate with nurses, doctors, pedagogues, and social workers of the area so we can help with the most complex perspective, providing a chance for social integration for children with a different developmental scheme or children who are especially gifted. Recently we can welcome families in Ercsi too, due to the fruitful cooperation and commitment of the two cities, Martonvásár and Ercsi.

Member Institution of Mór

The institute is open all year round. We offer services as the schoolyear and our partners require, flexibly for families from Bakonycsernye, Balinka, Bodajk, Csákberény, Csókakő, Fehérvárcsurgó, Isztimér, Kincsesbánya, Magyaralmás, Mór, Nagyveleg, Pusztavám, Söréd. We have received the title Basis Institute of Educational Bureau for the second time.

Member Institution of Sárbogárd

Our motto is ’Good love is the kind when the child feels loved too. Good love acts not by intervening, but by standing by. It tries to get to know…, to understand … and …to help children.’ (Zsuzsanna Fülöp) Our institute was created by the merging of two former institutions, and thus providing 8 special tasks. Our rooms are spacious, well-equipped, and friendly. We are open all year round for families from Alap, Alsószentiván, Cece, Hantos, Igar, Nagylók, Mezőszilas, Sárbogár, Séregres, Sárszentágota, Sárkeresztúr, Vajta.

Member Institution of Székesfehérvár

The first Educational Counselling Centre of Fejér County was founded in 1980 in Székesfehérvár. Under different names, it worked until 2013. The first Speech Correction Institute was founded in 1992. From these two roots was founded our present institute in 2013 (now working in Pirosalma street 1-3.) and also a third branch was added in Palotai street 52. We provide services in the area of counselling of special educational needs in early development, special diagnostical services, speech therapy, conductive educational service, adapted physical education, school and pre-school psychology service, promotion of particularly talented children/pupils in the area of Aba, Bakonykúti, Csór, Füle, Iszkaszentgyörgy, Jenő, Káloz, Kőszárhegy, Lovasberény, Moha, Nádasdladány, Pátka, Polgárdi, Sárkeresztes, Sárkeszi, Sárosd, Seregélyes, Sárszentmihály, Soponya, Szabadbattyán, Székesfehérvár, Tác, Úrhida, Zámoly.

Head Institution

The head institution is in Székesfehérvár, lll. Béla király sqare 1. Our head institution is where the professional management and coordination of the services is carried out and where the workplace of the director-general, authorised for exercising the right of representation of the institution is located.

Two professional service tasks are carried out at the head institution. On the one hand, the task of the county expert committee is to examine children with suspected special educational needs and to review children with special educational needs. On the other hand, we would like to help primary and secondary school pupils who are unsure about their further education through further study and career counselling. The head institution shall carry out its professional duties for the whole county.